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Our Customers

Company Profile EN V02.cdrWe aim to innovate, implement industry best practices and show leadership to maximise value and achieve sustainable success for our customers.
When appropriate we align our practices with those of customers, government and civil society organisations to achieve the best outcomes. Our business management system is certified to ISO 9001, the international standard for quality management.
Our business is continually evolving to better meet clients’ needs, with significant focus in the following areas:

Communication and collaboration

We set out to understand our customers’ business drivers, their culture and the risks they face in order to meet their needs in the most effective way and add maximum value to their business. To achieve this we seek to develop long-term relationships and work in partnership with customers, contractors and other members of the supply chain. Pooled knowledge and experience, critical review and advice yield benefits across the project lifecycle – reduced whole-life cost; faster, safer project delivery; efficient and safe operation and maintenance; and enhanced sustainability.
Ongoing IT transformation supporting our new business improvement programme is making it easier for staff to collaborate and share information internally and externally with clients and delivery partners.

Ownership model supporting excellence

Our ownership model and culture are fundamental to the way we relate to our customers and delivery partners. Our freedom to set long-term strategies and our focus on innovation and excellence yield the best outcomes for our clients and attract the best people to join us. Every employee shares in the company’s success, providing added motivation to excel in service, performance and value.